CBD Girl Scout Cookies

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The first characteristic to mention of these special seeds is something all connoisseurs can agree with: The amount of resin on the buds!

Making it the source-to-go in case you wish to make homemade cbd oil, and again, the amount of resin of these CBD Girl Scout Cookies will leave you amazed.

When properly taken care of, these CBD seeds will be able to produce what is called hard buds, loaded with a great number of trichomes. The buds will reach their reappoint quite quickly and leave you relaxed and pain-free after consumption.

But be warned, these are not seeds for first time tasters or beginners!

  • Average height: 70 cm
  • Genetical composition: 10% Sativa/90% Indica
  • Effect: Very strong medicinal effects
  • Flavor: Cherry cake
  • Average CBD%: 12%
  • Average THC%: Below 0.2%
  • Average indoor yield: 450/m²
  • Indoor flowering time: 58 days
  • Outdoor harvest: End of September

Growth Patterns

The second most important characteristic of Girl Scout Cookies CBD Seeds relies on its growth patterns which will not hassle the grower too much. Girl Scout Cookies are pretty easy plants to grow on their own while maintaining a nice small to medium posture. They do not require to be taken care with heavy fertilizers or too much amount of it, instead, they are best grown in a medium with low ion concentration.

Growing Advice

Unfortunately, there are no real secret tips to help this plant grow. Place the seed in the adequate soil and the power of nature and genetics will do the rest.

Please remember that in order to obtain the best results, these seeds need to be planted in a lightly fertilized soil.

You do not need to use heavy chemical fertilizers to grow this CBD Girl Scout Cookies plant. All it needs is some water, heat, sunlight, and care.

Effects After Consumption

As mentioned previously, these seeds are not for beginners, please treat them carefully. This one is a hard-hitter.

Due to the high resin and CBD production, the harvested buds from CBD Girl Scout Cookies will stimulate sleep and help relax your muscles. 

The THC-CBD ratio of this oil is very versatile and the oil made from these are a universal medicine of high quality.

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