Can You Stop Pain In Rheumatoid Arthritis Thanks To CBD Cream?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has the ability to activate the cannabinoid receptors that are found inside our bodies. Thanks to this, there is a cascade of multiple effects that can help with the management of chronic pain and inflammation. For this reason, CBD cream has emerged as a potential ally of people with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Prevalence Of Rheumatoid Arthritis In Spain

CBD in Treatment of ArthritisRheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic systemic disease that predominantly affects joints in both hands and feet, causing inflammation, stiffness and pain. This disease affects around 200,000 people in Spain (0.5% prevalence) and it has been reported to have a female: male ratio of 3: 1, although the symptoms commonly occur near 50 years of age, is not exclusive of age range.

A correct early diagnosis (prior to any medication) is a crucial step in order to increase the chances of structural preservation in the affected joints and retain their normal physical functions as time progresses.

To this end, the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) has recommended a set of factors to take into account for this diagnosis:

  • Genetic risk factors;
  • Environmental risk factors.

Cigarette smoke is considered a very strongly established risk factor:

  • Systemic autoimmunity;
  • Symptoms present in the absence of arthritis;
  • Arthritis without classification.

It is important to note that not all patients can be affected by all these factors, or even in the same way.

CBD And Its Action On Arthritis

Pain, stiffness and inflammation are intrinsic parts of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Unfortunately, there is no cure found up to this day, so, conventional drugs and medicines are focused on reducing the adverse effects, symptoms and discomforts. It is often reported that only 10 - 25% of individuals with RA manifest a decrease in pain after using drugs or anti-inflammatory injections.

It is for this reason that in studies such as those performed by Guindon and Hohmann, it is summarized that:

“Cannabinoids suppress the behavioral response to noxious stimuli and nociceptive signals through the activation of cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2”

Our Endocannabinoid System is responsible for modulating a large number of functions, among these, we have the attenuation of inflammation. These findings are even more encouraging when working in tandem with the use of in vivo and in vitro techniques in animal models, where it is found that the action of CBD can reduce the effects produced by the Tumor Necrosis Factors (TNF, inflammation promoter molecule), in other words, CBD has the ability to activate a defense mechanisms against tumors produced by diseases such as cancer and relieve to some degree the symptoms of inflammation in conditions such as RA. As a consequence, patients could experience a decrease in joint pain and improvement in daily sleep quality

As a curious fact, in certain models it has been found that the action of cannabinoids had a dose-dependent relationship with respect to the protection of joints found in histological studies.

All these studies are fascinating and it is the reason for statistics reports such as those in Canada are found, where 36% of CBD use is intended for patients with some form of arthritis, moreover, it is encouraging to witness the action of CBD in daily basis, especially in people desperate for a solution and who have exhausted any other conventional therapeutic alternative.

The Case Of Garret Geller

Here is a brief story about a young man with arthritis who found the solution to his discomforts thanks to a CBD cream:

Garrett Geller (20) was diagnosed with arthritis at the young age of 14, on the back, knees and hands. Her family, desperate and determined to find some way to alleviate his pain, decided to try all current treatments, from anti-inflammatory drug, weekly injections valued at $ 2,500, to other methods without any result.

After exhausting all options, the young man discovered a CBD cream in the state of California (United States). Only a small daily dose was enough to alleviate immensely the pain caused by this disease. The young man was so influenced by the effectiveness of this product that he decided to create his own CBD cream production company, always with the philosophy that these solutions should be available to everyone who needs it.

Cases such as those mentioned above are found around the world, so it is important to take these anecdotes to a more controlled environment, where the effectiveness and doses required of CBD can be measured. In this way CBD can be given the attention it deserves in the handling of these inconveniences. It is still too early to determine where research concerning cannabinoids can lead us. Fortunately, new positive factors regarding these compounds are discovered every day.

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