Delivery Policy

In order to carry out any transaction and place an order through Sativida website, it is necessary for the client to be at least 18 years old.

Once the order is made, we will proceed to confirm that the information provided and verify that there are no obstacles to its processing.

Within a maximum of 48 hours, our team will collect the ordered items, package them and send them to the address provided in the order, notifying the client within this period by e-mail that their order has already been processed.

Once the products are delivered to the transport service, the goods usually reach their destination with a period of 48-72 hours depending on the distance. Sativida is not responsible for delays that may occur once the products have been delivered to the transport service.

Warranty: All products have an expiration period of 24 months from its preparation and packaging, to protect consumer laws according to the standards described in the European Union.